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How to Turn Your Conservatory Into a Getaway for Rest and Thinking

In today’s busy work schedule, few of us ever get much time to ourselves for just relaxing and taking care of our stress levels. It seems that the most of our time is spent these days either taking calls, driving to work or school, or heading to the bank to sort out bills – it’s hardly relaxing and it’s not great for the blood pressure. But that’s not the big problem. The big problem is that when we come home, we still often fail to properly unwind and relax and

Decorating Your Conservatory For Winter

When it comes to winter we sometimes avoid our conservatories; although most are well insulated and perfectly warm during the winter months we avoid them almost out of habit, whether we simply don’t want to spend time staring at grey skies and slush in the gardens or whether it’s just that we’d rather stay in bed. The fact of the matter is that a conservatory can be a great space for spending your time regardless of what time of the year it is, and a little bit of wintery decoration

Looking after your conservatory and conservatory furniture

Conservatories are fantastic structures to have in your home. They look great, they are practical and of an excellent quality. To keep up the profile it’s important for you to keep your conservatory clean and protect your furniture. The great thing about conservatories is that most are now made form uPVC. uPVC conservatories are very easy to keep clean and tidy if you do little bits on a regular basis. Make sure you keep the windows clean so that they can carry on letting natural light

DIY Conservatories – What You Need to Know Before Starting

A DIY conservative is an attractive option for those who are looking to add to their home without the expense of paying the professionals. Not only will you save on the labour costs but there are some great deals out there for those looking to self build a conservatory, including some companies that will match the best price you can find anywhere else. Before you get started with your DIY conservatory, here are some essentials that you need to know. 1. You don’t need planning permission for

Extending into the garden

Some people are lucky enough to enjoy having a large garden, but feel that some of the space could be put to better use. There are a few options available in this situation that would allow you to utilise the space as you wish and range from building a patio are to constructing a brand new room to your home. The decision of what to do with this extra space depends heavily on what you want from your home or garden. Many feel that their home is missing something like a conservatory or are after

How to Build a DIY Conservatory

If you want to build a conservatory, first chose a spot with adequate sunlight – there’s not much point installing a room covered with windows if it’s hidden away between large walls or tall trees! Your conservatory can either attach to your home or be free-standing, so this may be dictated by where around your property gets a good view of the garden. If you attach it to your home, you will have one less wall to build, and therefore the materials will be cheaper and the

uPVC Conservatories: Bringing the Outside Inside

To build or not to build, uPVC conservatories create one of the most difficult debates for those who really love their garden. On one hand, building a conservatory means that you lose the part of your garden where you build it. The alternative view though is that by creating a conservatory or garden room you are able to gain so much more enjoyment from your garden all year round. In the UK, even those of us who are hardcore gardeners know that there will be a long period of time over the