Backyard Ideas in The New Year

Do not forget your backyard when you are making New Year plans. Think about renovations for it as well. You should start work if you want to spend the New Year greener!

Do not forget your garden when you are making plans for yourself in January. Do not worry, you are not alone! We are near you with our new ideas. Now take a piece of paper and a pen and start drawing! What kind of a view do you want to see in your garden? Do you want flowery and mixed view, or a green and calm garden? We vote for a green and calm garden. You should choose evergreen plants if you want to be happy when you look at the garden in winter season. And flowers here and there are also a must!.. Separate your garden when you are planning into smaller sections. Empty walls, empty pots and hiking trails are important in this planning. If you wish, you can write more things on your list. The entrance of your house, sitting area in the garden, vegetable garden, floors, etc… We recommend you three different renovations for this month. If you wish, you can apply them to your garden or balcony. The first one is about the empty walls in the garden. The second one is about fence plants. And as a last item, we suggest leaving no empty pots in the garden. You should give place to formal plants in your garden.



P1020565__Snow_Pittosporum_tobira_variegata Do not isolate yourself from your garden in January. In this month the rains and snow did not leave you, we know that. But this is no excuse for being cross with your garden! There are a lot to do from the pots in front of the windows to the corners of the garden. If the grass has been wiped by the frost, do not worry! You can add ready-made grass to these areas. If you say “Why is there no grass in the shady areas?” do not forget that you can plant Ottoman Grass in the spring time. You should prune the plants that have lost their shapes. Ilex, pittosporum, ligustrum and similar evergreen plants must be pruned. By doing so, you will give them a new shape. And there is something to do about the pots as well. If there is moss on the outside of the pots, clean them with a hard brush. After you make sure that the hole at the bottom for extra water is clear, you can plant in them. Cyclamens, primrose and violets are all welcome to your garden in this month.



 viburnum snowball bushYou can add fence plants to your garden as a renovation. Hiking trails, walls, empty places are ideal for this purpose. Start planning with the hiking trail as the first step. If your want animated area between the grass and floor, you can use fence plants and that would be wise choice. We have two suggestions for this: The first one is short fence plants. They are shrub tree, nandina domestica, shrub pittosporum tobira, etc. The second choice is using taller plants. If you want to turn the roadside into a green wall, you should use taller bushes. Flamboyant tree, viburnum, jasmine and similar plants are among your many choices. You can also renovate the garden wall by forming a green layer on it. For this, you need you can plant bushes in the inner side of the wall. If you have a higher wall, then you can use cupressus, Leyland and other trees. Do not ever forget that you should prune them regularly. A cared garden will always look beautiful. You can catch an agreement between evergreen bushes and trees in the garden. The blue cypress, dark green Leyland and lemon cypress nearby will look in agreement, you can be sure of it!



You should keep a balance in the garden while making plans. The forms of the plants will have to complete each other. Do not forget that the lower trees are as well needed as the taller ones. If you say “I do not want any empty walls in the garden”, then this recommendation is for you: You can use ivy on the walls! You can form a garden with natural walls or separators far from being unnatural. Plan on separate sections in the garden for this to enhance it! For example, how about planning the sitting area as a separate section in the garden? By using wooden, wrought iron or bamboo separators, you can form rooms in the garden. You can plant ivy to wrap the separators and thus create a green wall effect. FB,199,54,mor-salkim-sarmasik-wisteria-sinensis-sarici-ve-tirmanici-bitkilerUse jasmine with white blooms or bloomy clematis. These are not the only choices of course! You can also decorate the front sides of the walls with plants. Sunny or shade? Do you prefer one of Hostas, Hydrangea or Pittosporum? You can use seasonal flowers in front of the fence plants. In winter you can use colorful primrose, and in summer you can use begonias and thus turn your garden into a colorful parade!




ilex crenata ball 50cm

Our last suggestion is about the forgotten pots in the garden. You can use pots on the hard floor or on the grass. Evergreen plants will look decorative in colored, glazed, terracotta or earthen pots. You can use pots of different size and enrich the decoration. Moreover, you can put more than one plant to the same pot. Use the shaped plants together or separately in the garden. Ilex with its pyramid or oval shape, taxus, thuja and other similar plants will look beautiful in your garden! If you want these plants to attract attention in the garden, use lower plants around them. Do not forget, these specially shaped plants should attract the attention at first sight! If you grow other plants at the same height, these special plants will disappear in the crowd. Mix lobelia, lavender and short nandina domestica and form a composition of them! You can be sure that you will have had a different design! You can also use fountain or wall pots in this application as well. Prefer the colorful flowers right at this point! Short roses, pelargonium or festuca will do. If you have a dream about a green carpet in your garden, use trefoil.