Landscaping Tips for a Beautiful Winter Garden

The joys of winter wonderland include white snowy gardens, with wild berries while plants are at rest for the season. Even though the entire garden is fully quilted in snow, there are some interesting ways to add a pop of color to your garden and enjoy the beauty of the snow garden even more. Check out these smart landscaping tips for a beautiful winter garden: Perennials – most annual perennials work beautifully to add color to your winter garden as they don’t get buried in snow. The

When To Start Planting

If you want to make sure that you are able to cultivate your lawn in the right manner, then figuring out the best time for planting is one of the things which you will need to consider. With so much that will need thinking about, it is important to reach the right decision in order to better your chances of getting the garden which you really want. Whether it is your lawn or a flower bed, knowing when it is best to start planting should always be something to consider. So when is the best

Meaning of Flowers

When people choose flowers as centerpieces or decorations for different occasions, they should bear in mind the significance that each flower bears. In different cultures, different flowers have different meanings, and their inclusion in flower arrangements can convey special meanings. When people arrange flowers or order flower arrangements with florists, they should also be aware of the fact that flowers are organized by season. But all seasonal flowers also have their special meanings in

Proper Irrigation Management: 5 Tips to Best Care for Your Property

Irrigation management is one of those topics that is just obscure enough that it causes more confusion than it should. If people stop to think for a moment, the principles of this vitally important practice are easily understood. This is a subject that is far more profound now because of the numerous regions that are experiencing drought conditions. At its core, irrigation management is about water conservation. Knowing where your water comes from, how it is used and how it is reclaimed

Creating the Style of Your Garden

Aiming for a certain style and creating it is something that people do in all aspects of their life. They will spend many hours and a lot of money buying the clothes they want so that they can look pleasing and reflect their personality. The same is done with cars. As people will want something functional but also matches their style choices. Decorating the home is a large aspect of this, as you can spend months changing things in your home, adding new items and features, etc so that it

Helping Trees Recover from Stress

Trees are a very dominant part of the landscape – they purify the environment for us and also get it look a lot more beautiful and pleasant to the eye. The trees growing in the forests and their natural habitats get to live for hundreds of years, however those that are made a part of the urban landscape, they face a number of survival challenges. During this time, they may suffer stress, and actions need to be taken in order to help them recover from it.   Causes Behind Tree

How to Plant and Care for Lilac Bushes

A Source of Beautiful Flowers and Enticing Scent [caption id="attachment_5960" align="aligncenter" width="600"] purple lilac flowers[/caption] Together with roses, lilacs are the universal favourites in this respect, combining beauty and scent into a coveted floral symphony that everyone enjoys. These violet beauties are the favorite flowers of many people. Lilacs are bushes whose flowers bloom for only a few weeks, during the spring. But as there are varieties that include early spring, mid

Mythology of Common Plants

There are many stories about plants around the world, some of these myths and legends are known to almost all of us, so much so that they have become a part of our traditions, such as kissing under the mistletoe. While we might perform odd little habits and traditions in the presence of certain plants there aren’t too many of us who really know the reasons for what we do – with kissing under the mistletoe being an excellent example of this behaviour. Mistletoe; Kissing under the mistletoe

6 Lawn Care Tips for the Green-Thumbed Individual

Lawn care is not rocket science, but there is a wrong way to grow grass. Avoid doing the wrong things by following these six lawn care tips. Soak, Don’t Sprinkle Watering your lawn costs money, so you don’t want to waste even one drop. Conserve water and have a green lawn by observing these watering rules: Water in the morning. Turn off automatic sprinklers when it’s raining. Use plants native to your location. Water for a long time, but do it infrequently (like 1 inch of water once

Floriculture: A Viable Business

Introduction: The global floriculture business is indeed evolving in leaps and bounds. What had begun as monopoly of major European destinations have now changed and gained to equal global playing fields, with USA now being a dominant player in the domains of floriculture and other major countries like Japan, United Kingdom(UK), Netherlands and Colombia, to name a few, not too far behind.  Indeed, Europe have been major buyers of cut flowers, which is the most sought after floriculture